Classes Offered

CPR & First Aid

Professional Healthcare Providers

Professional Healthcare Providers

Brock Safety Consultants offers instruction and certification in American Heart Assocaiton CPR and First Aid for both the lay person as well as the professional healthcare provider. 

Subscription Services

Brock Safety Consultants, LLC offers monthly training subscription services. You, the employer choose the number of training hours you desire for your personnel to take each month. Rates vary dependent upon length of subscription, and number of employees. 

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Professional Healthcare Providers

Professional Healthcare Providers

Professional Healthcare Providers

In addition to BLS/CPR Classes for the Healthcare Provider, Brock Safety Consultants, additional programs include  Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA Compliance policies and procedures, and Workplace Violence.

Fire Prevention & Safety

  • Exit Drills 
  • •Suppression   
  • •Extinguisher Training and sales (in cooperation with Extinguisher Pro- Fire Protection Service)

OSHA Compliance & Reporting

Professional Healthcare Providers

OSHA Compliance & Reporting

Brock Safety Consultants offers OSHA Compliance and training in:        

 •School Safety & Violence (Incl. Anti-bullying programs and Active Shooter and Intruder Drills)  

•Recognizing, Managing and Mitigating Workplace & Domestic Violence  

•Recognition & Response to Child Abuse (Incl. physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse)

Record Keeping & Reporting  


•Asbestos Awareness  

•Hazardous Materials & Chemical Exposure (Incl. Hazwopper, labeling, and Safety Data Sheets)  


•Construction Roadside Safety  


•Accident & Injury Prevention, Investigation and Reporting 

 •Bombings & Weapons of Mass Destruction 

 •Foreign & Domestic Terrorism 

 •Worksite inspection for potential threats


* A host of additional programs too numerous to mention. 



Anne B.

Weaknesses of Your Learning Experience?    

"Strengths: Experienced instructors"       

Additional Comments:  

"I appreciated the time our instructors took to answer questions, give detailed answers and share personal experiences as examples".


Karen M.

What were the strengths or weaknesses of your learning experience?     

"Steve enhanced video with bits of his life experience that made Info more relevant".   

Additional Comments:  

" I'll use him (Brock Safety Consultants) as long as I'm able to do CPR".


Linda A.

What Were the Strengths or Weaknesses of Your Learning Experience?      

"Both Steve and Greg were professional & totally committed to making sure I understood & could personally complete all tasks. Instructors encouraged questions & it was fun."   

Additional Comments: 

"I feel ready to respond if ever needed".  "Brock Safety Consultants is now my go to (for all my safety training").   

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Whether CPR and/or First Aid for layperson or professional Healthcare Provider, contact us to sign up today. or give us a call at (765) 792-0365